Walkthrough FL Studio 12.3 Mobile

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Open FLStudio on your computer plus IL Remote on your mobile device and the connection is automatic

You will learn everything about the interface, the tools, the FL composition philosophy and much, much more like Garageband

Read all the papers and lessons, then answer the questions, so you can practice and compose your instruments and music the way you want

Control FLStudio instantly or connect your instrument music Garageband and favorite effect plug-ins as you can with any MIDI controller. Use a phone, tablet or combination with up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Lesson Plan:
1. Introduction to FL Studio 12
2. Making a Simple Beat or Pattern in flstudio 12
3. Making Patterns with Different Instruments in fl studio
4. Channel Settings Menu
5. Using the Piano Roll in FL Studio 12
6. Recording Live Steps into Patterns in FLStudio 12
7. Step Editing Mode in FL
8. Advanced Piano Roll Tricks and Techniques
9. Pattern Mode vs. Song Mode
10. Browser Management and Adding Content
11. Using VST Instruments in fl studio
12. Layers
13. Using Samples/Loops in Step Sequencer and Playlist in fl studio
14. Using FPC
1. Introduction to FLStudio 12.3
2. Audio and MIDI Setup for FL Studio 12.3
3. The step sequencer
4. Adding plugins on fl studio
5. Recording and Editing MIDI with fl studio
6. Using Patterns
7. The browser for fl studio
8. Organizing the Playlist
9. Keyboard shortcuts
10. The mixer
11. Recording and Editing Audio
12. Parametric EQ 2
13. Organization of the workflow
14. Wrapping and sending mixers
15. Automation clips
16. Mapping the MIDI Controller
17. Save Automation and Event Editor
18. Editing the piano roll in FL
19. Layer Tool
20. Channel grouping
21. Rendez-vous a song
22. Optimizing the CPU
23. MIDI routing and output with FLS 12.3
24. Multi-Out Plugins
25. Stretching time and changing height
26. Pre-Calculated Effects
27. Conclusion

NOTE: Requires Android 4 or higher. FLStudio 11.1 OR FLStudio12.3 for control comments

With this Tutorials for FLStudio, you will learn how to use the software like Garageband. You are invited to do research and knowledge, in a simple application to use while working on your projects, do not hesitate to download,

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