Subway Surf Run 2020 - Subway Surface, Surf Runner

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Subway Surf Run 2020 - Subway Surface, Surf Run , Bus Surfers

Bus and Subway Surface is a subway and bus themed endless run game. Choose a character and skateboard to surf in bus and subway, run as fast as you can escape from the policeman. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to dodge the oncoming trains and buses. There is some Hidden map, can you find it? Collect enough coins to purchase and upgrade different abilities and to be the best runner. Have a good luck..
Subway Surface Game is a endless run concept, in the area of subway. in the begining of the Subway Surface Game you have one character and start running in the subway area. There are a lot of obstacle your way in the Subway Surface, subway run, barriers and subway trains are popular obstacles. Jump, slide and swipe to turn is our weapons to avoid hitting these obstacles. İn this concept, Bus Surface 2020, our main aim is run as soon as we can, and collect coins to improve character in the way. We also run away from security guard and hitting obstacles.
After gain a coin we can buy power ups and we can increase our abilities in this wonderful surfing run game, thanks to these abilities we can gain more coins and we can go more further. Subway surfing run game is the most enjoyable and more easear runnig game. Also we can unlock new characters and surf board thanks to gain coins. We can give colour our games thanks to these character and board. İ tink that you love these changes Surf Run Game.

And also these character and surf board can be taken by completing tasks. There are some task during the game and if you can do this tasks you can take them.
And last one detail i wanna expalin these magnificent Bus Surfers , there are some useful items for difficult situations. İf you can use correct time you can save charakter. These items is that : rockets to fly, skateboard to take extra life, jumping boots for jumping bigger and others…
This enjoyable subway surface game is easy to play, just run and avoid from the obstacle. For do this jump, slide and swipe, away from the inspector ;)

Subway Surf game is one of endless Surf Runner games. Our adventure at Subway station and elsewhere includes scoring runs while escaping from the security officer and score points when escaping.
In the subway surf and Subway Surface where a total of 7 characters are involved, it is necessary to collect the specified number of coins to unlock the characters.
While playing in the Subway Surface run game of our heroes, we can move our fingers to the right, left, up and down, bounce, bend. Subway Surf game and Bus Surface There are various tools available for characters. Some of these tools include surfboard, hoverboards with various colors and features. When you play Subway Surf Runner Game, bonus running places are opened. You can run freely and score points in fantastic places you have never seen before.
Subway Surf Runner Game You can open and use the locks of characters and hoverboards with your coins.
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  • Last Update: March 25, 2020
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