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Did you ever spend science to upgrade cards and after completing a mission the next one was 'Spend 2000 Science'? Wouldn't it be nice to know what the next missions will look like and when a 'Spend Science' or 'Upgrade Cards' mission will come up? With Mission Buddy this is easily possible.Motherland supportMission Buddy enables tracking of your progress of Motherland missions for all ranks currently available in Adventure Communist.EventsMission Buddy automatically recognizes the current event and provides the possibility to track your progress of event missions.See all missionsYou can see all upcoming missions and so you can prepare to save up some science.

This will speed up your progress especially in events.

Get information about all generators
Mission Buddy provides you with information about all generators for Motherland and the current running Event. You can see how much every generator costs, what it produces on its base level (without researcher cards applied) and what you need to unlock a specific generator. The overview is grouped by industry type like in the game itself so it will feel very familiar to you.

See the Event schedule
You can see the whole Event schedule Mission Buddy is currently aware of. It contains all past events back to the first one as well as some of the future ones which could already be gathered from the game. Please keep in mind: Sometimes the events get changed in the game before they really start. The shown schedule is just a snapshot of a particular moment.

More features will come
This app will continuously receive updates to provide new features. If you want to send some feedback please use the feedback link inside the Mission Buddy app.


Please note:

This app is a private project to support the Adventure Communist community. The mobile game Adventure Communist is developed by Hyper Hippo and published by Screenzilla Entertainment. The Screenzilla team explicitly allowed us to use the original AdCom assets to develop this app.
We can not provide any game related support. If you have problems with the game itself please reach out to the customer support. These guys do an awesome job and always find a satisfying solution.
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